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Mostrando entradas de junio, 2019

Concesión del proyecto ASTRID: Análisis y Transcripción Semántica para Imágenes de Documentos Manuscritos

Ministerio de Ciencias, innovación y universidades Advances in the development of methods for automatically extracting and understanding the content of handwritten digitized documents will continue being an important need for our society. This project addresses three challenging computational problems related to automatic handwritten text processing of document images: (1) document layout extraction over unstructured documents, (2) continuous handwritten text recognition under unrestricted conditions and (3) offline verification of human signatures using advanced deep neural models, respectively. The proposed solutions to previous problems will be adapted to several applications presenting a socio-economic interest. In particular: the analysis and transcription of historical documents, and some demographic prediction problems based on use of handwriting (for example, recognizing the gender or handedness of a person). In this project, we will emphasize the application of developments